Weekly Group Classes are designed for the general public and include participants from a wide range of ages and ability.  Mostly, we practice slow movements for improving co-ordination, alignment, strength and awareness. Speed and improvisation are thoughtfully and progressively included as opportunities to work with alignment habits and reflexes. The movement patterns I teach, I have developed over the years, informed by my various trainings/research/teaching and are always evolving. The group classes are small with a maximum of 8 people, so that I can offer individual adaptations to support injuries or increase challenge.

Just to note-- the "names" of the classes below are a bit arbitrary, in actuality the classes are designed around the participants (you might instead pick the best time for your schedule). I have elite athletes dealing with serious injuries, computer analysts who sit all day, new mothers, dance artists and seniors often in the same class. The linear idea of a beginner to advanced class structure does not represent the complexity of people's issues and ability in movement and can even lead to injury from not adapting movements appropriately. You might have great fitness but poor body awareness, contributing to chronic tension or be sedentary but have a refined sense of subtle movement co-ordination as a painter, or hobby musician. The classes are designed and adapted for people to move and apply the material towards their own goals (ex. picking up a child, swinging a golf club, injury recovery, improving mindfulness, mobility or strength). My classes are an ongoing conversation, we work and learn together, exploring what ways of moving might be helpful.

Group Class Schedule: Location in the Junction near Keele & Dundas

12 Week Fall Term:  September 19 - December 16, 2017


5:00pm   Movement Essentials

6:15pm   Movement Conditioning  

7:30pm   Movement Essentials/Integration 


6:15pm   Movement Integration

7:30pm   Movement Essentials


Pre-registered Term 12 weeks: 300.00  (339.00 including hst)

Drop-In: 28.00  

Private Lesson 1hr: 120.00

Contact Erin for more information on private lessons, weekly group classes, workshops  or  wellness coaching. 

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