Weekly movement classes are designed for everyone and include participants from a wide range of ages and ability. These classes will help you understand and improve how your body works through stress, including chronic body/joint pain, habitual alignment and tension patterns. The classes are small with a maximum of 10 people, offering individual adaptations to support injuries and increase challenge. The classes are progressive throughout a 12week term and aim to inform you about the intelligence of the body as a system and how your body in particular adapts to your lifestyle and habits. Mostly, we practice slow movements for improving co-ordination, alignment, strength and body awareness. Exercises are designed for increasing ease and efficiency particular to your movement challenges and goals, including better performance in sports, dance or simply to help you move through your day without pain or discomfort, including walking, running, sitting at your computer or carrying a heavy load.

3 Week Mini-Spring Term: April 12 - April 26, 2018


6:15pm   Movement Class

7:30pm   Movement Class


Pre-registered Term 3 weeks: 84.75 (includes hst)

Drop-In: 30.00