A bit of what others have to say about working with Erin.....

"Erin Godfrey is a rare jewel in the crown, sought after by many of Toronto's most influential movement educators. Any lay person who has the opportunity to work with her should consider themselves most fortunate and certainly not dare miss the opportunity."

Kathryn Beet  Director, Yogaspace 

"I  began classes with Erin five years ago and quickly noticed positive changes in my body and emotional wellness that have grown over time.  She imparts not just directions but the intellectual basis for her system of movement. This feeds minds as well as bodies. Its a fabulous way to learn and grow. I came with a variety of pain and functioning issues in my lower back, hips, knees and feet that have all passed out of concern as I have learned not just in class but how to read signals in my body and apply what I have learned on my own. "

Barbara, Lawyer

"I love Erin’s work. Her sense of observation, seeing how the body is organizing itself with particular movements and bringing your awareness there is a real gift. She has helped me to walk with better alignment and release some of the trauma that has been held in my tissue. All her explorations in movement and anatomy have brought me a deeper and better understanding of myself and how my body can move with greater ease. I’m really grateful for her and the work she is doing"

Kristina, Registered Massage Therapist

"I have been working with Erin for almost three years and the impact on my well being, both physical and psychological, has been transformative. Erin has a unique ability to identify ways in which to strengthen and heal  the body through movement, unlocking the body’s ability to heal itself. Erin is thoughtful and engaging and has a lovely sense of humour. I owe a great deal to Erin."

Tom Schmidt,  CEO

" I am encouraged to learn ways to free, align and strengthen my body based on new awareness of how natural human movement integrates experience. I'm impressed with how radical and counter-culture moving our bodies naturally has become in our world of fitness ideas. There is hope for an aging body!"

Nancy Christie, Psychotherapist

"I'm not a professional dancer.  In fact, I've spent most of my life sitting.  However, I started taking practical classes on the biomechanics of everyday movement with Erin a couple of years ago.  Erin has an amazing way of explaining how the body works and designing exercises and sequences that can get you to move better, regardless of how new you are to movement - or how experienced you are.  I feel like she's helped to transform both my body and my consciousness of how I'm using it, whether I'm bending down to tie my shoe - or flying over somebody's back in contact improv."

Tess Takahashi,  Proffesor at York University

"I have taken Erin's classes for some eight years. Under her guidance, I have achieved a level of physical health, confidence, flexibility and stability beyond my own expectations. Erin's gift is her extraordinary sensitivity to each client's body and her quiet confidence in what is possible. By employing movement that is often simple yet always targeted, Erin nurtures a brain/body integration which is carried out of the studio and into one's everyday life." 

Monica, Hairstylist

"Erin has taught me how to move and inhabit my body in a way that supports and embraces my health and well being. It's not about how it "looks" as an exercise or how I "look" from the outside but instead how my body functions on a daily basis in a way that is sustainable. Now, I am able to listen to my own body better and help myself to move in a way that means freedom."

Anastasia, Teacher  and New Mother.

"Erin brings to her classes an incredible knowledge of the body and how it works. She is not shy about challenging the status quo in various body work teachings. With Erin, I feel confident that I am working with my body. I am healing and strengthening it - not injuring it."

Rob Fairley,  Consultant

"Erin Godfrey in my eyes has a savant ability to understand the ways in which our bodies can hurt and why. This natural ability is backed by sound training in injury rehabilitation and a lifetime of coming to understand her own body mechanics. She seems to deeply enjoy  delving into how the body functions and this creates a fun and engaging style of work. I am a former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and I am currently a freelance modern dancer extending my career into my mid forties. Erin has been an invaluable resource that has and is helping me stay on the dance floor!"

Kathleen Rea, Professional Dancer

"I find doing mindful movement that connects me to my body is the thing that brings me into balance with my body and my feelings about my body. I've been working with Erin Godfrey for the past 4 years and for the first time in my adult life my shape/size has been stable and more importantly I have a positive relationship with my body."

Cecilia Moorcroft, Life Coach